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@TheLunchroom Update—December  20th

@TheLunchroom will be open this Tuesday, usual hours of 11am to 1pm. We will be closed, along with the rest of the church, on the following Tuesday, December 29th. We will re-open on Tuesday, January 5th, 11am to 1 pm. A blessed Christmas to all.

@TheLunchroom Update—First Sunday in Advent
This past week @TheLunchroom made a new connection. We are always looking for ways to join together with the broader community. Our new partner is foodrescue.ca. They are an organization committed to helping Canadians reduce their food waste. Through them we received a gift of produce courtesy of Peak of the Market.
There has also been an increased interest for volunteering. With the gifts of additional food, and more volunteers, we are considering offering lunch on Thursdays as well as Tuesdays. With the pandemic people are finding harder to get nutritious food. If you are interested in helping out on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, please get in touch with Rev. Donald.
Phone 204-942-7465 ext 4
@TheLunchroom Update—November 15th, 2020

Last Tuesday we were back serving lunches. Instead of BBQ we are serving soup, stews, etc. As we move forward with this, we could really use a volunteer or two who could show up at around 9 am to help with the preparation of the food.

Please contact Rev. Donald using revdonald@holytrinity.mb.ca, or at 204-942-7465 ext. 4.
Thank you very much.

@TheLunchroom Update—November 8th, 2020
Last weekend we marked the end of Daylight Savings Time.
Along with that and the coming of cooler weather we will be needing to make changes to @TheLunchroom.

First, we want to give thanks for how well @TheLunchroom has been able to operate over the last few months. The picture above is of Reverend Cathy Campbell serving hamburgers on a very snowy, and windy day.
That though, was the exception to the rule. We were blessed with good weather almost every week.

It took a couple of weeks for word about the BBQs to get around, but by last Tuesday, we were at a point where we were serving about 200 burgers every week. We are very thankful that we are able to offer, even only once a week, food and friendship to those looking for a meal.
We are also very thankful for the people who have come out and volunteer of their time and skills to help make the BBQs happened every week.
Being outdoors, the challenges presented by Covid-19 were greatly lessened. However, we will need to move our cooking indoors for the coming months, while we offer meals to go(Covid  restrictions make indoor dining impossible for the time being).

Starting this coming Tuesday, November 10th,
we will be creating bag lunches to give out to our guests as they come to the door. These lunches will include a hot item such as a soup or stew, along with fruit, bread, or muffin, etc. We are also looking at ways of serving hot coffee or tea.
As always we welcome new volunteers. If you wish to participate and offer your time and skills,
Please contact Reverend Donald at revdonald@holytrinity.mb.ca or phone him at 204-942-7465 ext. 4.

Hamburgers & Hope

Each Tuesday for the last 2+ months, @TheLunchroom has been offering a meal of hamburgers, chips, fruit, and water. Things started slowly in July, but by now we are serving close to 200 meals every week.

First off, we want to giver thanks for the great weather on Tuesdays. We had one week, where there was a spattering of rain, but otherwise we have no trouble from the weather.  We also want to give thanks for the people who are coming out to  volunteer. Volunteer are going to be          increasingly important. We have been using mats to help people physically distance, but extra volunteers to help us keep people safe would be greatly appreciated.

Our plan is to stay outside as long as the weather permits. We may need to put on another layer of clothing, but with Covid-19 restrictions being outside is the best alternative. Hopefully, by the time we need to return indoors, our allowable capacity numbers will have increased.

Thanks again to all who are supporting us: Financial, volunteer, and prayer.
Rev. Donald

Lunchroom Update, July 5th, 2020

As of Last Tuesday, June 30th,  TheLunchroom@HolyTrinity is back up and running. We  decided to serve hot dogs, chips and cold water, out on the lawn of the church. Despite the fact that it was a scorching hot day, the presence of a breeze and some shade from the trees kept things bearable.  The picture below is of James Adamson, a Holy Trinity Parishioner to helped  out a lot with making sure the dogs were cooked and available on time. The picture is by Blair Stevenson who in addition to taking photos also helped out with the preparation and serving.

Even with the heat of the day, there was a large turnout. We plan on hosting another BBQ this coming Tuesday as well. If you are wandering around in the Graham and Donald area, please feel free to stop in. Also, if you would be interested in volunteering, please contact Rev. Donald at either revdonald@holytrinity.mb.ca or by phone at: 204-942-7465. ext 4


Lunchroom@HolyTrinity Update, June 28, 2020

This isn’t a long update, but it’s an important one. We plan on opening up The Lunchroom this coming Tuesday, June 30th. The time is still the same, 11 am until 1 pm. We plan on serving hot dogs, out on the lawn. If rain comes, we will be serving in the church hall. We will make this call early Tuesday to make sure everything is set up properly.
Where we could really use help is in finding some younger volunteers. We really appreciate our volunteers, but many fall into the high risk category for Coronavirus. If you are younger, or have any younger family or friends who may wish to help serve the hot dogs, please get in touch with Rev. Donald.
Email: revdonald@holytrinity.mb.ca
Phone: 204-942-7465 ext. 4

Lunchroom Update – June 14th, 2020

Rev. Donald here.
We are looking at getting TheLunchroom@HolyTrinity back up and running as soon as possible.
We hope to be able to create a safe,physically distanced eating area inside the church hall.
We also hope to be able to set up the BBQ and serve lunch on the church lawn. Outdoors is a much better place for avoiding potential spread of Coronavirus. One of the big things we need help with is making sure there are plenty of volunteers.

Currently, the health recommendations are still that people over 65 should not be gathering. So, we are hoping that we can find some volunteers who are under 65. Perhaps you know some people who have some spare time and are looking for a chance to get out and get involved providing help to others.
If you know any such people have them get in touch with
Rev. Donald at revdonald@holytrinity.mb.ca, or 204-942-7465 ext. 4.

The safety of both our guests and our volunteers is of utmost priority to us. We wish to share food, smiles, and love as safely as we possibly can.

God Bless,
Rev. Donald


Update – May 21, 2020

In the last update I, Rev. Donald, talked a little about what the future might look like for The Lunchroom. We hope to be able to start up again in the next couple of months, but while we wait to work out how that might actually happen, I want to write a little bit about isolation.
As a single person, the narrowing of living space during coronavirus has been challenging. Most days I am in my house by myself. I have no partner or roommate. Usually this isn’t a problem. Generally, my days would be punctuated with visits to coffee shops, and restaurants. I go to several places quite regularly.
At these places I get to know the staff. I wouldn’t call them friends, but they are people who regularly travel in and out of my life. There are also co-workers. During the week, I will go and participate in Open Mic nights.
Now, I sit at home. I do on occasion make phone calls to people. My mother phones me fairly regular, but other than that, except for work, almost nobody is in contact with me. There are times when I do feel very much alone in the world.
Yet, I also can’t help but think to myself. This is just a short term situation. Soon, I will be back out and among people. What is life like for people for whom this is their everyday experience, pandemic or not? What about the people who are isolated, not by choice, but by the unwillingness of anyone to give them a place of welcome.
This is what we are hoping to achieve with The Lunchroom@HolyTrinity. Yes, people need the food they put into their bodies. More than that, we all need the food that comes from sharing time together. The brief smile, or the word of encouragement that we both give and receive.
I think now, more than ever, post-pandemic, we need to find new ways to be together. Maybe the groups will be smaller. Jesus spent most of his ministry in the company of just 12. Maybe our large gatherings need to be fewer, so that we can more fully appreciate each other.  Maybe, just maybe, we will need to slow down and realize that being together, is so important, that we need to make sure our circles have room to include everybody.
We will use more tables with fewer chairs to make sure people are still able to eat together.
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