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Parish Prayer Requests

Holy Trinity is blessed with committed prayer teams. These teams pray confidentially for those who ask for ongoing prayer.

If you would like one of our teams to pray for you or a loved one,
please contact:

Len Perron directly by email: lperron@mymts.net, with details of your prayer request.

These requests will be passed on to the appropriate prayer chain team.

If you are comfortable requesting prayer for yourself or someone in your circle of care, you are also invited to send Gwen at the office your request either by email: office@holytrinity.mb.ca; or by phone: 204.942.7465.

Please let Gwen know if you would like:

  • prayers for healing and support; or
  • prayers of thanksgiving; or
  • prayers for those who have died and those who mourn.

These requests will be updated weekly on our website. Your request will remain for two weeks unless you renew the request.

Holy Trinity Prayer Requests:

For the week of September 6th, 2020

Holy Trinity prayer requests are:

For healing and support  

Gwen, Herb, Heather, Davada, Oliver, Murray, Carol, Marie, Pierre, Doreen, Tyrrell, Chandran, Richard, Gwen, Kevin, Shirley, Emil, Erin, Brad, Neil, Fitz, Dave, Be, Grace, Jordan, Aidan, Quentin, Ramga, Selinka, Steve, Ray, Sybil.

For thanksgiving  

For all school teachers, students and their parents

For those who have died and those who mourn
Colleen Horbay: especially her husband Vince and Daughters
Anne Grayling: in England
Kaye Fraser: and her family, mother of Marie Brien
Fitz Clarke: and his family
Ron Hawksworth: and his family, father of Donald
Esmine Levy: and her family, Laurel’s extended family
William (Bill) Feschuk:  uncle of Derek Feschuk,
Bennett Oramasionwu: and his family, husband of Ngozi
Gloria Bent: and her family, friend of Laurel McPherson
Wilfred Spence: and his family, friend of Laurel McPherson
Jaswick McDonald: brother of Fay Kitt
Dorothy Grymek: and her family
Pat Hourie: and her family
PLEASE hold all these people in your daily/weekly prayers.

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