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Holy Trinity is very proud to present Syrians Speak: The Artistic Voices of the Syrian Revolution on April 29, 2021 at 7:00 PM Central Time.

Ten years ago, the Syrian Revolution began and created a refugee crisis to which Anglicans in Rupert’s Land and beyond responded with great care and compassion.

This presentation looks at the 2011 civil uprising in Syria and the resultant refugee crisis through the artistic expressions of Syrians. The arts were and still are heavily censored by the Assad regime, but when the revolution broke out, there was a corresponding explosion of self-expression through visual art, political graffiti and protest banners, videos and documentaries, music, plays, radio stations, and more. The presentation tracks the events leading up to the revolution, the crimes perpetrated against the Syrian populace by the Assad regime, the influx of external terrorist groups such as ISIS, the role which foreign powers have played, the refugee crisis, including Canada’s response to it, and where things stand in Syria today.

Our presenter, Sandra Bender, is an Anglican musician and liturgist who works at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Her background in both theology and classical music intersect at many points, including in the subject of the arts used as a vehicle in social movements, and having spent some time in Syria in the autumn of 2000, this particular topic holds a great deal of personal interest for her.

To register for this event, which will take place via Zoom, please email revandrew@holytrinity.mb.ca

Donations to support the Morning Star Refugee Support Group go directly to support refugees seeking to come to Canada. Donations may be sent by bank e-transfer to donate@holytrinity.mb.ca. Please include your contact information in the memo if you wish to receive a charitable donations receipt.

The Rev. Andrew Rampton

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