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PROTOCOLS COVID WORSHIP RULES AND PROCEDURES to keep Safe - Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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Worshipping at Holy Trinity in the midst of the COVID Pandemic
Our Sunday worship plans for September include one more service outside September 13 and then worship inside. However, to go forward with an abundance of caution, following Diocesan and government guidelines, our pattern must change somewhat. These are the worship protocols we will start with on September 20th. As we gain experience and/or as provincial or Diocesan guidelines change these protocols can be adapted and changed.
First, of course, we ask anyone who is not feeling well, who has been in contact with someone with the virus or has travelled outside of Western Canada [east of Terrace Bay Ontario] in the past month, to please stay home. Follow us on our website http://www.holytrinitywpg.com and feel free to call the office: 204.942.7465 and leave any prayer requests you might have. Our email and phone connectors will keep you in touch. This request will be posted at both entrances.
Secondly: masks are required. If you do not have your own, one will be provided. We will launder all used cloth masks between services.
Thirdly: there will be a few changes to our worship.
There will be no congregational singing, although there will be music. Humming, clapping and moving with the music are all encouraged. The words to our hymns will be provided to follow along.
There will be no worship books. Paper bulletins will be single use. As usual the service will be projected on each side wall at the front.
The peace will be exchanged in place with a nod of the head, with our eyes, with a small bow to each other.
Communion will be in one kind. Wafers will be offered in a small paper cup while social distancing is observed carefully.
Fourth - Seating: Social distancing is critical for safety. Seats will be marked and people will be shown to their seats initially. Only those who are in the same family bubble can sit together. All others must be 6 feet apart. Everyone is encouraged to socially distance when moving within the worship space: coming, going and receiving communion.
Five – registration: If someone becomes sick with COVID after attending worship at Holy Trinity heaven forbid], public health officials have to be able to trace their contacts. So registration will be kept for everyone who attends – a name and way to be contacted, will be required at the door.
Six – Entrances: 50 people are allowed to gather inside at one time. In addition, under Phase 3 provincial guidelines, a second cohort of 50 is possible if each cohort can remain separate. We feel that we can safely accommodate 75 people at Holy Trinity.
The first cohort of 50 are those who will enter and leave through the Donald Street doors and sit in the main section of the church. If necessary, the Donald Street cohort can use the men's and women's washrooms down the two stairs towards the auditorium.
The second cohort of 25 will include those leading worship and sitting at the front; any people who need a handicapped washroom; and families with children who are part of Sunday School. This cohort will enter and leave through the Smith Street doors. They are the only people who will use the Smith Street doors. They will sit in the south and north transepts of the church.  Please see the diagram. Sunday School will be held in the multi-purpose room and the children, parents and any other Smith Street door cohort can use the family washroom.
Each cohort must remain separate. There will therefore be no fellowship in the church hall following service.
Seven: Cleaning: All the hard surfaces in the church will be cleaned between each service: pews, handrails, door knobs, microphones, lecterns, etc. To allow for this cleaning, only vinyl chairs will be available and all books, papers and cushions have been removed from the pews.
We realize that these are significant changes to our worship, and we pray for the day when this abundance of caution is no longer needed. However, the good news is that we can gather for worship together in our beloved church and Sunday School can begin again. We will search for ways to gather in smaller groups for fellowship beyond Sunday morning.
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