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Prayers of Intercession  Prayers of the People - November 22nd 2020:

In this season of saints, memories, anniversaries, and the ending of the year, we pray to the God of all the faithful.

With the noble fellowship of the prophets may we discern the signs of your reign in our midst.
We pray for all of those whom we have elected to office and authority in our nations, our province, and our city; grant to them wisdom, discernment, prudence, and strength that they may strive for justice and peace.
We pray for scholars, research-workers, scientists, physicians, nurses, and all who turn their skill and energy to the healing arts and care of others; in these days troubled by plague, grant them insight, knowledge, endurance, forbearance, and send them aid and comfort.
God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

With the glorious company of the apostles may we proclaim your gospel throughout the world.
We pray for refugees throughout the world; for all people displaced from their homes by war, conflict, persecution, famine, and natural disaster that they may know help, comfort, safety, warmth, and sanctuary in the days to come.
God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

We pray that we, with the white-robed army of martyrs, may be ready to suffer for the truth’s sake.
We pray for the Anglican communion worldwide, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the bishop, clergy and people of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. And we pray especially for the members of the Council of General Synod.
We pray for our parish of Holy Trinity, for the faithful witness of all the people of God in this place, and for the Reverend Andrew Rampton, our priest-in-charge, the Reverend Fitz Griffith, and the Reverend Cathy Campbell, our honorary assistant priests, and the Reverend Donald McKenzie, our priest missioner.
We pray for Richard, our organist, Haewook, our pianist, Kasey, our guitarist, Paulina, Heulwyn and Larry, our singers. We pray also for Gwen, our Parish Administrator; Spencer, our Sunday School Teacher; Derek, our webmaster and also for those on our phone team and our Lunch Volunteers. Lord, have mercy.
God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

With all who are anointed by your Spirit may we bring good news to the poor and freedom to the oppressed.
We pray for those who fear the winter, with its darkness and its cold; send warmth and shelter to those who sleep outside, clothing and food to those who shiver and hunger, medicine and care to those who ache and are afflicted, love to those who are lonely.
We pray for those who are forgotten, cast aside, unheard, silenced, but who are still made in your image; grant that we may see these your children and help to raise their voices, to recognize their dignity, and to welcome them as we would your Son.
God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

With the saints in light may we bind up the broken-hearted and comfort all who mourn.
We pray for all of those in need of your healing: Sandy, Lorna, Graham, Audrey, Ina, Herb, Heather, Davada, Derek, Oliver, Murray, Carol, Marie, Pierre, Doreen, Tyrell, Chandran, Richard, Gwen, Gwen, Kevin, Shirley, Emil, Erin, Brad, Neil, Fitz, Dave, Be, Grace, Jordon, Aidan, Ramga, Selinka, Steve, Ray, Sybil, and all of those whose needs are known to you alone, O God.
We pray for all of those who have died this week, for those who will die before today is done, and for those whose deaths are on the year’s mind.

God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

With the whole company of Christ’s pilgrim people, may we come to the inheritance of the saints in glory.
We pray for the first peoples of these lands; we offer thanks for their stewardship of these lands in days past, today, and for those who will care for the land in days to come; we offer thanks also for their hospitality which allows us to live, work, learn, and worship here.
God of all the faithful, remember your promise of mercy.

Holy God, our refuge and strength, you have redeemed your scattered children, gathering them from all the corners of the earth through your firstborn, the Christ, in whom all things are held together. Make of us a just and righteous people, worthy by grace to inherit with him the kingdom of light and peace where he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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