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Nature’s Beauty, July 26th, 2020

Monarch Butterflies: A beautiful creation, that also serve to bring new life to  various parts of creation.


Nature’s Beauty, July 12th, 2020

Nature’s Beauty… pure grace offered in abundance… on a gravel road verge south of East Braintree

Nature’s Beauty, June 28, 2020
Below are three photos of beautiful flowers to be found in Winnipeg. The photos were taken by Rev. Cathy for us all to enjoy, and to reflect upon the great variety of beauty that is found in God’s creation.

This picture, by Karen Cornelius a local Winnipeg artist,
is an acid etching of one of a series of drawings
of the plants in our old Assiniboine Park Conservatory.
It reminds me of a vibrant sun burst and the beauty
that be created on the other side of death, sadness and loss.
Thank you Karen.

Nature's Beauty:
The Wren from Carolina

Just now the wren from Carolina buzzed
through the neighbour’s hedge
a line of grace notes I couldn’t even write down
much less sing.

Now he lifts his chestnut coloured throat
and delivers such a cantering praise –
for what?
For the early morning, the taste of the spider,
for his small cup of life
that he drinks from every day, knowing it will refill.
All things are inventions of holiness.
Some more rascally than others.

I’m on that list too,
though I don’t know exactly where.
But, every morning, there’s my own cup of gladness,
and there’s that wren in the hedge, above me, with his
blazing song.

[Mary Oliver from Why I Wake Early 2004]

“Waiting For Spring”

“Spring Flowers Still Inside”

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