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Wa Wa Wa Emimimo - Come, O Holy Spirit, Come

Sing a song: Todays song is a Nigerian song in the Yoruba language.
     We will sing it when we are back together again.
Wa wa wa Emimimo/ Come, O Holy Spirit
Come, O Holy Spirit, come  [Wa wa wa Emimimo]
Come, Almighty Spirit, come  [Wa wa wa Alagbara]
Come, come, come.  [Wao, wao, wao.]
Now it’s time to praise the Lord and sing with joy.

Jesus is alive!
Christus Victor.

Sing a song: Today’s song is Christus Victor a song my dad wrote from a dream he had. As a kid I didn’t like many of the songs my dad wrote. I always loved Christus Victor though singing it every Easter at Church or even at home. In the video you will hear my dad and sister sing. After you sing Christus Victor I hope you also sing your favourite Easter songs with your family.

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